Meet Benny

*warning – photos of wounds*

April 11 2023

Benny is a feral barn cat that avoided humans. When one day he approached his now foster crying out to her and crawled into her arms she immediately knew something was wrong. Benny had puncture wounds to his left leg that were so badly infected that even the slightest touch to his leg caused them to ooze puss. He had lost hair around the punctures from the infection, his leg was red and purple, his paw was curled up tightly under his leg, he was emaciated, dehydrated, and starving.

Benny’s fosters brought him to the vet with the intention of humane euthanasia due to his suffering. They were surprised to learn that the vet felt that though he had a severe infection, may have permanent nerve damage, his shoulder may be dislocated, and may need his leg amputated that he just may have a shot. They decided to give him that chance.

They began reaching out to local rescues to an unfortunate chorus of we we can’t help. When they got in touch with us we didn’t have any available fosters but they agreed to take on that role and now Benny’s medical bills will be covered. 

Without intervention Benny would have died from the severity of his infection alone let alone his deteriorating body condition. Now he has a second chance at life.

Benny has been started on medications and has a follow up appointment in a week to determine if his leg will need to be amputated.

If you would like to contribute to Benny’s medical bills please go to

April 19 2023

Benny’s wounds are already improving and surprisingly he has begun to put a little weight on his leg. The vet is pleased with his progress and is going to see him in another week to see if he is still dragging his leg or is continuing to improve. 🤞🏼

April 28 2023

Benny’s paw is beginning to uncurl and can sometimes place it flat on the ground! Once again the vet is pleased with his progress. He would like to see Benny in another week or so to see if his progress continues and reassess the need for amputation at that time.

His fur is starting to grow back where he lost it from the wounds but he still has what his fosters lovingly refer to as his “chicken wing”.

May 8 2023

Benny is walking on his leg and has even jumped! We are so happy for this little guy! He’s not quite out of the woods yet and will need another assessment to determine if his leg will be amputated.

He is gaining weight thanks to the TLC from his fosters – and a little help from some Churus (if you know, you know). Benny lost his front bottom teeth in his rough and tumble time as a barn cat but it doesn’t affect his eating at all.

We’re rooting for you Benny!

May 17 2023

Benny is doing great. He is such a resilient fella. His leg is continuing to strengthen and improve. He’s such a happy boy indoors. He’s purring all the time and loves to be held. If he could be around people all day that’s exactly where he would want to be now. Amazingly even after all he’s gone through he even gets into the carrier easily and is great at the vet. He is also very good at adjusting to changes in his environment!

May 24 2023

It’s official – Benny gets to keep his leg! 🎉

He’s doing so well in fact that he is now ready to be adopted into his furrever family. If this fuzz ball of love has captured your heart like he has ours head over to his adoption page to get more information:

Thank you for following his journey with us.
Warmly – the Purrfect Haven Team

July 22 2023

Our sweet teddy bear Benny is still with us waiting for his furrever home. We can’t believe this love bug hasn’t been scooped up yet. He is as charming and sweet as he is resilient. He purrs constantly and loves nothing more than to be around people and get pets. Benny came to us at the beginning of April – just shy of 4 months ago. He had a severe infection that nearly took his leg and his life. He fought valiantly and has made a full recovery! He is missing some teeth from his life in the barn but it doesn’t affect his eating. He is 2-3 years young. He would not do well in a home with dogs due to his history of life in a barn. It’s also of note that Benny does have Herpes. This means he is prone to upper respiratory infections and the virus is contagious to other kitties. 


Benny’s fosters absolutely adore him but this amazing boy deserves to be adopted into a permanent loving family. If you have a spot in your heart and home for him please give us a call 226-578-0115 during our business hours. 

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