March 18 2023
Apolo’s wound is healing beautifully. He’s still coming around for food where Kathleen can keep an eye on him. We are all so grateful for your contributions to saving this kitty.
With Apolo is another feral, Missy, who also comes around for food and shelter every night. Kathleen – thank you for your love and compassion for these kitties. You are truly wonderful.
From Kathleen:
I would like to thank you so much for helping Apolo. Not only did Purrfect Haven take care of his wound, they neutered him, and gave him his vaccines. This is feral cat unfortunately, I would love to have him live inside. ❤🐈‍⬛🐾
March 7 2023
Hi everyone! Meet Apolo.
Apolo is a feral kitty living outdoors in the county near Belmont, ON. He was abandoned as a kitten 2 years ago. He has been lovingly fed by a senior who lost her job due to Covid and has been unable to work since. Apolo recently suffered an injury to his head and badly needs medical attention. Sadly, his caretaker cannot afford to take him to the vet so she reached out to Purrfect Haven Cat Rescue to assist. We couldn’t say no. As you may know, Purrfect Haven is currently struggling to stay afloat with the pandemic and inflation taking their toll on us. We need your help.
The plan is to bring Apolo to the vet to have his head wound taken care of, vaccinate him against rabies, neuter, and release him back to the outdoors where his caretaker will continue to feed him and give him the antibiotics that he will require.
Anything that you can donate is so greatly appreciated. The funds we raise will go directly to the vet bill for Apolo. If we are blessed with more than we need the remainder will go to our other rescue cats’ rehabilitation needs. You can donate by e-transfer: or through Canada Helps at
Purrfect Haven Cat Rescue is a non profit, 100% volunteer run, foster based cat rescue in London, ON. We rescue kitties from London and the surrounding area, provide them with medical care, enrichment, and all of their necessities until they are adopted into their furrever homes. We receive no government funding and rely on donations from people like you. Without you what we do would not be possible. Thank you for helping us save lives.

Apolo before his injury

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