July 28 2023

Allie was found – you guessed it – in an alley in Parkhill. She appears to have been abandoned by her owner, left to suffer, unable to fend for herself. She is super sweet and friendly but severely emaciated. She was found by someone who works in the office building in front of the alley. This kind soul upon finding her brought her wet food, hard food, and fresh water daily while she searched to find this sweet girl’s owner – thinking she may be lost. She went so far as to canvas the neighbourhood, created a lost and found animals page on Facebook for her town, and more to make sure this kitty was reconnected with her family. With zero leads, worsening heat, and the deteriorating condition of the kitty the kind woman reached out to us for help. 

We are fortunate to have had someone reach out to us and offer to be an emergency foster a couple of weeks ago on Facebook. Since we were at capacity we reached out to her and without hesitation she agreed to open her home for this kitty and even take on the cost of food herself. 

Allie’s legs are shaking and weak, her ribs are clearly visible, and she was found with a tick. We got her into the vet and besides being emaciated there was nothing else medically wrong. She just needs some TLC. We are going to give her a week in foster care and if her weakness and fatigue don’t improve with lots of food, shelter, and love we will be bringing her back for blood work.

If you are able to contribute to the cost of her medical bills we would be so appreciative. We accept donations via e-transfer or through Canada Helps. Thank you!

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July 30 2023

An update from Allie’s foster!

In a few days of loving she’s made progress. I thought it would take a while to understand her personality but I think she’s going to be a very quiet girl – until she senses you and calls for scratches and head butts. She wants a lap, a blanket and a good book. ☺️

For a baby who has probably been let down by humans she’s definitely still so trusting.

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